3 Reasons to Update Senior Living Furniture

3 Reasons to Update Senior Living Furniture

Senior living furniture continues to play a significant role in shared housing communities as more baby boomers march towards retirement age. This sophisticated demographic carries with them higher expectations for their living environment.

One current trend in senior living communities takes its cue from the hospitality industry. Design elements that feel less institutional and more hotel-like will appeal to future residents and their adult children who frequently help their parents decide where to live.

Increase revenues by enhancing your facility’s reputation


First impressions only take a moment to create. By updating old furniture, senior living operators will improve the look and feel of their premises. Moreover, old furniture may not have been designed and built to meet today’s exacting standards for safety and durability.

Northland manufacturers senior living furniture collections that are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and functional. By incorporating new furniture designed to meet both the visual and practical needs of their residents, senior living communities will enable older adults to feel more at ease.

Reduce maintenance and repair costs for senior living furniture

Furniture represents a substantial capital investment for all senior living communities. On average, furniture in public, high-trafficked spaces needs to be replaced every 5-7 years due to regular use. When deciding between repairing or replacing furniture, there are several factors to consider.

The benefits of replacing worn, outdated senior living furniture include reducing maintenance costs and attracting new residents. Moreover, purchasing durable, well-made senior living furniture will minimize the cost of replacement down the line.

Interior designers, architects, and senior living community owners can look to Northland when deciding where to purchase their casegoods. Northland offers a longer than industry average 10-year warranty. Northland furniture can help reduce maintenance costs and can be custom designed to meet a broad range of requirements.

Customize your furniture to create spaces that work

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all. Senior living communities can enhance the quality of life for their residents by creating a sense of community while respecting the need for privacy. For example, dining facilities with a restaurant-like feel encourages social interaction, while resident rooms featuring beautiful furniture designed to maximize space will be more inviting

Incorporating the comforts and amenities of home will surely be more attractive to prospective residents, and can be achieved by choosing furniture that is beautifully crafted and designed for safety and durability.

Northland manufacturers casegoods for hospitality, senior living, and healthcare. Freestanding collections can be previewed at our online project portfolio and catalogs. Northland also works closely with designers to create custom designed furniture. Applications for Northland casegoods include resident rooms, dining, and activity spaces, and common areas.