Put Power in Your Bedroom Furniture

Put Power in Your Bedroom Furniture

We’re not talking about making your furniture strong—though ours definitely is—we’re talking about adding electronic functionality to your common room, dining room, and bedroom furniture. It’s a new age, and there is so much we can gain from recent technological advances. Airports are now equipped with charging stations at every gate and airplanes now have outlets beneath the seats. Isn’t it high time furniture does too?

We think so. Adding a little power to the furniture ensures that your guests, employees, and students are well equipped to handle the task at hand. That’s why Northland Furniture makes powered furniture collections for commercial industries. No matter your needs, we can create designs with your electrical needs in mind.

From Office to Bedroom Furniture—Here Are Two Reasons You Need to Put Power in Your Furniture

You Need Hotel Rooms That Are Travel Ready

Powered furniture in hotel rooms has really become a standard. After all, 40% of travelers are traveling on business, and that means they need to be able to charge their cell phones, tablets, and laptops easily. And they’re certainly not going to enjoy reaching under the bed or behind the desk to find an outlet. They need quick, easy access everywhere they might work. That means desks with at least four outlets, night tables that can charge cell phones and laptops, and even bathroom vanities with charging stations.

All of this, by the way, is required for leisure travel as well. The other 60% of guests are staying for pleasure, and that means they’re bringing all of their electronics with them. Cell phones, tablets, and laptops for sure, but also cameras, baby monitors, and other toys and devices for the children. Make sure there are plenty of outlets built into your bedroom furniture, so guests always have easy access. In today’s world, it’s a must.

Office Furniture Should Be Optimized For Business

In any meeting, the first thing employees do is set up their laptops and plug in their power cords. That means the center of every conference table has to be equipped with a power strip as well as a phone line connection for those who may be calling in. Aim to include one electrical outlet for every person that can be seated at the table. And think about what you’ll be using that conference room for.

Many corporations need additional hookups for giving presentations or setting up video conferencing. That means you’ll need so much more than a whiteboard on the wall. Add desks or tables with electrical outlets for whatever ideas you have in mind. And do the same for the cubicles and offices. When it comes to business, the more outlets you can have the better. Every desk should have at least four to as many as eight.

For more information on commercial bedroom furniture that is equipped with power, contact Northland Furniture. We’d love to work with your team to produce something truly beautiful. And functional!