Beyond the Collections | Custom Commercial Furniture

Beyond the Collections | Custom Commercial Furniture

When searching for custom commercial furniture for hospitality, senior living, or dormitory, it’s easy to get caught up in the collections offered by different manufacturers. Collections provide a great option for individuals in different industries looking for a quick option for commercial furniture. They also give customers looking for custom commercial furniture a jumping off point and idea of what a manufacturer can build. It’s important to know, especially when it comes to manufacturers like Northland Furniture Company, that custom commercial furniture can be a custom as you desire.

Truly Custom Commercial Furniture

Commercial furniture manufacturers often create collections to make choosing new pieces for hospitality and other industries simple. Collections are tastefully designed and curated to appeal to broad audiences, which make them desirable for commercial institutions. Sometimes these collections can be customized, depending on the manufacturer, but it’s possible to walk into another facility and see the same collection elsewhere.

Truly custom commercial furniture leaves the design and style of the pieces up to your imagination. Customers work with designers at the manufacturer to create one-of-a-kind custom commercial furniture unique to your brand or individual facility.

Benefits of Custom Commercial Furniture

  • Accurately Represents Your Brand
  • Gives Guests or Residents a Comfortable, Unique Atmosphere
  • Furniture is One-of-a-Kind
  • Designed to Your Exact Style and Specifications

While not every commercial furniture manufacturer can create truly unique custom pieces, Northland can design and build whatever you want, with limited exclusions and restrictions. If you don’t see something you want in the collections we offer, don’t worry. We’re not limited by what’s in our collections and can custom design commercial furniture per your requirements. We like to get creative and are always excited to expand on the beautiful custom commercial furniture we produce.

Contact Northland for more information about custom commercial furniture design. Whether you want to customize items within our collections or work with us to create something truly unique to represent your company and your brand, we have the skill and creativity to create furniture you and your guests or residents will love for many years to come.