California Dreamin’ | The Appeal of Boutique Hotels in California

California Dreamin’ | The Appeal of Boutique Hotels in California

People who love to stay at boutique hotels in California do so because it reflects their lifestyle. A sometimes overlooked niche in the hospitality industry, boutique hotels are enjoying an ever-increasing demand from business travelers and vacationers alike.

Few places better exemplify boutique hotels and the lifestyle they represent than California. Home to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the east, the Pacific Ocean coastline to the west, and miles of vineyards and towering redwood forests in between, boutique hotels in California are the ideal spot for travelers seeking a bit of California Dreamin’.

However, while there is a proliferation of high-end boutique hotels for the rich and famous, finding more affordable boutique hotels in California cities and towns is still possible for the equally discerning traveler.

How Should Boutique Hoteliers in California Manage the Increasing Demand for Bookings and Increasing Competition?

While there is no one simple answer, one thing is certain—hotel guests will forgive rustic, well-worn elements of a hotel’s property, but they won’t forgive guest rooms with outdated furniture or uncomfortable beds. We’ve all booked a room in a city only to find that our guest room furniture is either broken, outdated, overly worn, or all three. It doesn’t encourage your return.

The financial impact is often at the front of very hotelier’s mind when it comes time to renovate. While several factors need to be considered before planning a renovation, it’s never too late to start thinking about what your next guest room renovation will look like.

7 Signs It’s Time to Renovate, Renew, and Revive

  • Local competitors are upgrading their facilities
  • The bathroom tiles are are chipped or cracked
  • Carpet cleaning no longer removes stains from guestrooms or lobbies
  • Doors and windows are difficult to open or squeak when opened
  • Draperies show signs of excessive wear
  • Casegoods such as nightstands, desks, dressers, or armoires show visible signs of wear such as scratches or are not opening and closing properly
  • Negative reviews are starting to trickle in via TripAdvisor or Yelp that talk about antiquated guest rooms and furnishings

The Arrival of the Quintessential Boutique Hotel

Around 2010, name-brand hotel chains began embracing the boutique hotel concept, including Starwood, Marriott, and Wyndham. While hotel and hospitality experts have a range of definitions from “not cookie cutter” to “less than 100 rooms,” travelers are drawn to the unique lodgings, experiences, and intimacy smaller hospitality brands provide their guests.

The Hyatt recently launched an exclusive boutique hotel brand, Autograph Collection Hotels, reminiscent of the iconic California-based Joie de Vivre boutique hotels brand. Founded by Chip Conley in 1987, the Joi de Vivre brand brought the concept of psychographic themes to the forefront of the industry.

Their hotel lobbies and guest rooms feature interior design themes like new age wellness, men’s health, romance novels, and luxury camping. These themed hotels continue to be a huge success and inspiration in the hospitality industry and to guests who would remain loyal to Joi de Vivre hotel brand and what it signified for decades to come.

Increase the Appeal of Your Boutique Hotel

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