Why Buy American Furniture?

Why Buy American Furniture?

Why buy American Furniture? There’s no doubt about it, when you’re purchasing furniture for the hospitality or senior living industries, price is important. After all, you need to be able to purchase a large amount of furniture to fill your facilities. But don’t confuse price with cost. Purchasing inexpensive furniture that is imported comes with its own share of downsides. For one, imported products are often manufactured using inexpensive particle board or pine (neither of which are known for their durability, to say the least).

This has a huge impact on cost. Sure you may pay less money up front, but you’ll have to replace furniture more often due to wear and tear. If you’ve ever purchased an Ikea coffee table, you know what we mean. It isn’t long before scratches and paint chips start to make it look worse for wear. After one move, the pieces may begin to collapse, and the furniture becomes unusable. Imagine what would happen if hundreds of people were using it over a period of several years.

The Benefits of Using American Furniture

Purchasing furniture that is made in America is just plain good for business. It’s more cost-efficient in the long term, it’s more durable for the years to come, and you don’t have to deal with lengthy shipping timelines.

It Supports Job Growth

Obviously, there are ethical upsides to purchasing American-made furniture. Supporting businesses that manufacture their furniture in the United States means you directly impact the United States economy. You support US job growth, you support companies that are based in the United States, and your tax dollars go to supporting US initiatives. Wouldn’t you (and your residents) love to contribute to our local economy?

Not to mention, the United States has to adhere to strict labor laws that ensure the workers employed in their manufacturing facilities are paid and treated well. It feels good knowing that the furniture you are purchasing for your facility is well made.

It’s More Economical

But there are economic reasons as well. Quality control is an essential part of the manufacturing process and one that can be difficult to guarantee overseas. Sometimes shortcuts are often taken, materials are downgraded, and the machinery may be out of date and inefficient.

At Northland Furniture’s manufacturing facility in Oregon, we use only the most experienced craftsman and up-to-date equipment to manufacture a quality product that will withstand decades of wear and tear in highly trafficked areas. Then we use soft, reusable packing materials that are damage resistant so commercial furniture reaches its destination without so much as a scratch.

It’s Better For Business

Buying American furniture is also better for business. Without language barriers, it’s easier to communicate your wants and needs; and easier for us to understand and meet your exact specifications. Since we’re shipping right from our facility in Central Oregon, we can get our furniture to you in 6-8 weeks. This has been particularly relevant to hotels who lost their furniture during hurricane season. By working with Northland, they were able to replace their damaged furniture with much faster lead times and get their rooms back online.

Northland Furniture is proud to employ more than 50 employees at our 42,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Central Oregon. We also purchase all of our raw materials from North America and guarantee our workmanship for 10 years.

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