Choosing Affordable and Durable Dorm Furniture

Choosing Affordable and Durable Dorm Furniture

In July, most students don’t worry too much about school starting and getting back into their studying rhythm. And for incoming freshman and students new to dorm life, their concerns lie more with who their roommate is going to be and if they’ll get along. Or how to decorate the small space they will soon call home. For student housing administrators, on the other hand, choosing new dorm furniture ranks high on your summer agenda. Finding the best, most functional dorm furniture at an affordable price is an important feature for any resident hall.

While factors such as what programs a college offers have the most weight in a student’s school selection, having dorm furniture that doesn’t automatically bring to mind a less than desirable group living experience can work in your school’s favor. Consider these dorm furniture factors when selecting the pieces for the resident halls at your school:

Typically, there are three choices for dorm furniture beds:

  • Twin Captains Bed
  • Twin Bunk Beds
  • Standard Twin Bed with Headboard

Most schools choose a variety of beds to fill their dorm rooms. While some rooms may have a Captains bed, which features a platform with built in drawer storage underneath, others may have bunk beds to utilize the space most effectively. Northland Furniture’s Shasta Collection includes all three styles of dorm room beds with quality built in from the beginning. The durable collection of beds make for restful nights sleep when students aren’t pulling all-nighters to finish a big project.

Three of the most commonly found dorm furniture clothing storage options include:

  • A wardrobe with two doors, a hanging rod and a shelf
  • A wardrobe with two doors, two drawers, a hanging rod and a shelf
  • A chest of four drawers

Depending on various factors including the size of the dorm room itself and the bed and desk selection, clothing storage could vary per room. When choosing dorm furniture consider how clothing should be stored most effectively for both the student and the space. The Shasta Collection includes all three practical and durable options.

Northland Furniture’s Shasta Collection offers an affordable and approachable price point for dorm furniture that’s built to last. Choosing the Shasta Collections provides the best return on your investment and instills confidence in students and their parents that they’ll be surrounded by comfortable, durable furnishings in their new home away from home.

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