Choosing Assisted Living Furniture Manufacturers

Choosing Assisted Living Furniture Manufacturers

Choosing the right assisted living furniture manufacturers takes a lot of research and consideration. You’re not designing a temporary space where visitors will come, stay for a couple nights and leave. This is a new home for seniors and understanding the sensitivity of this time of transition is important for assisted living furniture manufacturers.

Requirements for Assisted Living Furniture Manufacturers

Assisted living furniture manufacturers understand the requirements for seniors and their living environments. Assisted living furniture needs to be:

  • Designed for durability
  • Comfortable
  • Easily accessible for those with limited mobility
  • Crafted with beautiful design to be inviting to residents and their guests
  • Easy to integrate with medical supplies and equipment

It’s essential for assisted living furniture manufacturers to understand both seniors and their health care needs. Furniture crafted for healthcare environments needs to meet higher standards that those pieces found in hospitality or typical residential settings. Accessibility is a cornerstone of furniture for healthcare and senior living applications.

Custom or Collection?

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing assisted living furniture manufacturers is whether you want custom furniture, or something from a predesigned collection. A contributing factor to this choice is time. Do you have the time to wait for custom assisted living furniture or is time of the essence and a collection better suites your needs?

Northland Furniture Company offers customers the option of choosing from our impressive senior living collections or customizing your own furniture. Having the option of customization is an important factor to consider when choosing assisted living furniture manufacturers. Our designers will work with you and the needs of your residents to create the best assisted living furniture possible for your communities.

Both our collections and custom furniture incorporate the specific needs of seniors. From rounded corners aimed at reducing bumps and bruises to tables and chairs that can accommodate wheelchair access, Northland builds furniture specially crafted for seniors and assisted living communities.

When choosing assisted living furniture manufacturers, consider Northland Furniture Company. Contact us for more information about our senior living collections and custom furniture options.