Choosing the Best Oregon Furniture Manufacturer

Choosing the Best Oregon Furniture Manufacturer

At Northland Furniture, we love Oregon. We’ve been an Oregon furniture manufacturer since 1976. We craft commercial, healthcare and hospitality furniture that’s used across the nation. Take a look around at the senior living communities, timeshares, hotels, dorm rooms and restaurants you’ve walked through to get an idea about what we do. We employ a team of skilled designers and craftsmen at our facility in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

By choosing an Oregon furniture manufacturer, you’re investing in products made in the USA. At Northland Furniture, “Made in the USA” stands for productivity, innovation and quality. Not all Oregon furniture manufacturers were created equally. Choosing the best Oregon furniture manufacturer might seem like a daunting task, but at Northland Furniture we believe our commitment to quality places us head and shoulders above the rest of the pack.

Oregon Furniture Manufacturer Details:

  • Northland Furniture occupies a 42,000 square foot manufacturing facility with top-of-the-line machinery and finishing systems in Bend, Oregon
  • Our company culture is one of appreciation – many of our dedicated craftsmen have been with the company upwards of 15 years, some as many as 30 years
  • We foster a safe, reliable and injury-free workplace
  • Many of our happy customers include Marriott, Wyndham, Hampton Inn, Best Western and more
  • We believe in flexibility and have no minimums for orders
  • Northland offers the ability to make adjustments to most of our furniture collections

As an Oregon furniture manufacturer, we support Oregon and our community. When Northland Furniture started in 1976, we had the vision of bringing local craftsmanship to customers nationwide while creating living wage jobs that support our communities. Additionally, we source many of our materials from the Pacific Northwest. Our products are built to last in the amazing town of Bend, Oregon.

When it comes to commercial furniture for hotels, timeshares, nursing homes and educational industries, Northland Furniture is the Northwest’s leading provider. How do you choose the best Oregon furniture manufacturer for your commercial needs? Look no further than Northland Furniture in Bend, Oregon.