Creating a Comfortable Space with Senior Living Furniture

Creating a Comfortable Space with Senior Living Furniture

The transition to a senior living community can be difficult for many seniors. Leaving the comforts of a home they have lived in for a substantial length of time would be an adjustment for anyone. Moving to a senior living community requires physical and emotional adjustments. That’s why it’s important to choose senior living furniture that makes residents feel comfortable. Creating a comfortable atmosphere for seniors in their new home is essential to the transition process.

In moving a parent or loved one to a senior living community, one of the key factors they must understand is that the change can result in an overall better quality of life. Seniors won’t have to worry about the struggles of daily life, cooking, cleaning and yard maintenance. While to their adult children, this transition seems like a great improvement, seniors have a hard time resigning to the fact that they can’t take care of themselves and their homes the way they used to.

Help new residents and their families adjust to new environments without creating additional stressors. Choosing senior living furniture that works to create a comfortable and homelike environment helps in this fragile time of adjustment. Once residents settle in, they’ll appreciate the time you took to make their new home as cozy as their own.

Comfortable Senior Living Furniture

  • While creating comfortable common areas is essential, allow residents to bring some furniture from their own homes for their personal apartments. This will ease the transition by having familiar items around.
  • Furnish common areas with comfortable furniture that isn’t hard on senior bodies.
  • Make sure senior living furniture meets ADA standards and is accessible for seniors of varying mobility needs.
  • Choose recliners and lounge chairs that help create cozy spaces that remind residents of home and make it easy to converse with new friends.
  • Chair frames and seat depths should be at standards recommended for seniors in order to provide the most comfortable sitting experience.

Transitioning loved ones to a senior living community is a difficult experience, especially for the resident. Choose senior living furniture that inspires confidence and comfort in their new surroundings. Northland Furniture Company will help you choose from our senior living furniture collections, or help you design custom orders to make your senior living community as comfortable and accessible as possible for your residents.