New Commercial Furniture Finishes Available at Northland

New Commercial Furniture Finishes Available at Northland

When it comes to commercial furniture, be it for a hotel, senior living community or college student dormitory, finishes matter. Each industry and setting can’t be locked into a singular color scheme. In order to personalize commercial furniture for the locale, industry and feeling you’re going for, having a wide array of finishes to choose from makes a big difference. Northland Furniture Company is pleased to announce that we have added new options to our extensive collection of commercial furniture finishes.

Commercial Furniture Finishes

At Northland, our long-lasting finishes provide unparalleled flexibility for our customers’ design aesthetic. With a vast selection available, Northland’s commercial furniture finishes can be used to adapt seamlessly into the unique atmosphere and ambiance of your commercial facility. A sample of the new commercial furniture finishes include:

  • Witchcraft
  • Driftwood
  • Skyline Walnut
  • Carmel Sagawood
  • Noce Secchia

In addition to new finishes with unique highlights and characteristics, we also have expanded our selection to include more traditional stains, such as walnut, maple and pine. Browse our full selection of commercial furniture finishes to get an idea of how different stains can be implemented.

Eco-Friendly Stains

Northland proudly uses eco-friendly stains and paints to complete commercial furniture finishes. Our water-based stains keep their color longer than traditional oil-based alternatives. Additionally, our stains don’t have a negative impact on the environment. Our non-toxic, water-based stains reduce groundwater and ozone depleting contaminants. Beyond a wide selection of colors, here are a few of the benefits of our eco-friendly stains:

  • Water-based paints and stains dry quickly
  • Easier cleanup using only soap and water
  • Mildew and mold resistant
  • Water-based paints provide a richer hue of color for a longer period of time
  • No harmful odors or fumes can be expected from water-based paints and they aren’t flammable

Northland offers a variety of commercial furniture finishes that are sure to compliment your hotel, senior living community or dormitory. Browse our selection of commercial furniture finishes and then contact us to speak with a designer about implementing your favorite colors in a tasteful and eco-friendly way.