Commercial Furniture Installation Floor by Floor

Commercial Furniture Installation Floor by Floor

Replacing all of the furniture in a hotel, senior living community or dormitory can be a huge undertaking. With most commercial furniture companies, when you place a large order for a building with multiple floors all of the furniture arrives at once, which can be inconvenient if you aren’t ready. Commercial furniture installation most frequently needs to occur on a floor by floor basis.

Ordering commercial furniture from Northland Furniture Company allows for the replacement process to happen floor by floor, rather than all at once. If, of course, you do want to do a commercial furniture installation all at once, Northland is able to help you by completing the order as usual.

What usually happens when ordering new commercial furniture is that orders are made for the entire building. Companies may or may not be ready for this large of an order and the time it takes to replace all of the furniture in a building, but there are solutions. One option would be to order only the furniture you need most immediately and then repeat your order later on when the other floors need to be replace.

Floor by Floor Commercial Furniture Installation

Northland has a better solution. When you place your order with Northland, we can build all of your furniture at the time of your order and then store the pieces you aren’t ready to install until the time comes to replace the furniture on that floor. By allowing Northland to build and store your order it makes commercial furniture installation that much easier.

Placing multiple orders means the furniture will be built at the time of the order. If you get in behind a large order it could delay your timelines. By installing floor by floor and letting Northland store your pre-built furniture you cut out the build time for the next floors. We’ll store your commercial furniture for as long as you need and then ship it as soon as you’re ready for it.

Quick build times and storage options are a few of the advantages of commercial furniture installation floor by floor. Contact Northland Furniture Company for more information on our build and store commercial furniture options.