Benefits of Buying Commercial Furniture Made in America

Benefits of Buying Commercial Furniture Made in America

When it comes to buying commercial furniture, we know there are a variety of options. Many hotels, senior living communities and dormitories are cost conscious of the commercial furniture they buy for their facilities – as anyone would be. Many of these companies turn to commercial furniture manufacturers in China and Vietnam, thinking the ticket price of the items they are buying equate to overall savings.

Placing an order for furniture from suppliers outside of the United States may end up costing you more money than you originally anticipated. Why is that?

Reasons to Buy Commercial Furniture Made in America

  • Turn around time – Because our furniture is manufactured in America and shipped within the country we have fast turn around times and shipping time is significantly less than overseas
  • Shipments from overseas companies can take upwards of three months, whether you’re placing a large order or just need some touch up paint for your furniture
  • Shipping and transportation costs – Costs to ship within the same country are significantly less than from outside of the USA. Where you may have saved in initial costs you will make up for in shipping costs
  • Waste – When commercial furniture is shipped from overseas it won’t be packaged in reusable blankets. These blankets decrease the amount of waste created from packing and shipping materials and saves the customer money on shipping because excess materials aren’t being used, or wasted
  • Furniture made in America creates living wage jobs for individuals and families in our community. Jobs stay here and contribute to the local economy

At Northland Furniture Company, we create furniture that’s made in America. We build all of our commercial furniture at our facility in Bend, Oregon, and source our materials from the great Pacific Northwest. We guarantee quality commercial furniture turned around as quickly as possible and do our best to eliminate waste at all costs.

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