Contract Furniture Quality Control and Damage-Resistant Packaging

Contract Furniture Quality Control and Damage-Resistant Packaging

Choosing new contract furniture can be a serious investment that requires a lot of thought, consideration and research. Once you’ve selected a contract furniture manufacturer, there’s more to consider than just design. After your order is placed, quality control and shipping must also be at the forefront of your decision. Northland stands for quality, from the design phase all the way through to the furniture’s arrival at your facility.

Contract Furniture Quality Control

Quality control reigns as one of the most important steps in the contract furniture manufacturing process. After the furniture has been custom crafted for your order, Northland takes special consideration in the quality control phase of your project.

At Northland, our quality control department follows a strict process for evaluating and ensuring your order is checked and approved before it leaves our Bend, Oregon, facility. We check every piece of furniture to ensure quality. We also take quality to another level with damage-resistant packing materials.

Damage-Resistant Packaging

When purchasing contract furniture from other manufacturers, it’s possible your order can get damaged in the shipping process. While other companies use cardboard boxes and other materials that don’t protect furniture, Northland uses soft, damage-resistant packaging that helps conserve the quality of the pieces as they leave our facility.

Why does damage-resistant packaging matter? Think of it this way – when you’re moving from one home to another, you cover important furniture with blankets and soft packing materials in order to protect these pieces during the transportation phase of your move. Northland uses that same ideology when it comes to shipping our furniture. In order to maintain the high standard of quality of our contract furniture when it arrives at your facility as when it left ours, soft, damage-resistant packaging makes all the difference.

When it comes to your next contract furniture investment, be sure to consider more than just price and design. Quality control and shipping should also factor into your decision. Choose a contract furniture manufacturer that places a high priority on quality – from the design and manufacturing phase all the way through to shipping and installation. Contact Northland for more information about high-quality contract furniture and our damage-resistant packing options.