Hostel Industry Transformed by Millennials

Hostel Industry Transformed by Millennials

In years past, the word “hostels” has conjured up images of affordable dormitory-style housing in the minds of travelers and industry insiders alike. Today, the hostel industry has undergone a transformation that provides new possibilities for the budget-conscious traveler.

Student and young adult travel have become more common, and with it, new hospitality niches are emerging. Budget-conscious travel takes the forefront as more youth decide to travel before starting school and a career. Even after completing school and entering the workforce, millennials are spending more money and time exploring the world.

Airbnb and similar models demonstrate a shift in preference. With millennials leading the way, the rise in hostel travel can be attributed to a number of factors, including value pricing, convenient central locations, accommodations adapted to their needs and the social opportunities inherent with hostels.


Transformation of the hostel industry

“It’s astounding how much the hostel industry has transformed in the last five years, alone,” Feargal Mooney, chief executive of Hostelworld, said in a statement. “Today, we’re seeing luxury hostel accommodations that are offering the perfect balance of privacy, amenities and social activities.”

Poshtels is the name given to one style of this new breed of hostels. Combining “posh” elements with an updated hostel experience, these reimagined concepts fueled by the millennial travel trend show little sign of changing soon.

The hostel industry is redefining ideas of what’s included in a stay and custom furniture for hostels is right there alongside. New experiences include upgraded furnishings and a broader array of amenities. Free wifi, laundry and cleaning services, food and beverage services, bicycle rentals, libraries and media centers are just some of the services now available to hostel travelers.

”The growth trend is giving many large hotels a run for their money,“ Mooney said, noting that some big chains are creating ‘hostel-like’ properties to remain competitive. The new breed of hostels, Mooney added, allows “for serendipitous, adventurous things to happen in more places, and let millennial travelers get more value for their money.”


Custom furniture for hostels

Northland has designed and produced custom furniture for hostels, as well as furniture for all types of environments. With over forty years experience as an industry leader, if you’re looking to upgrade your furnishings, we can help.

Our designers and craftsmen have decades of experience and can create exactly the style you’re looking for. Contact Northland and find out how we can help you realize your vision of an updated and upgraded hostel experience for your guests.


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