Help Guests Get a Good Night’s Sleep With Custom Hotel Beds

Help Guests Get a Good Night’s Sleep With Custom Hotel Beds

Whether staying in a hotel for business or pleasure, a good night’s sleep is essential. Even if your guests’ schedule doesn’t accommodate eight full hours of sleep, providing custom hotel beds can help them make the most of the sleep they will get. While the majority of the comfort in a bed comes from the mattress and linens, a beautifully designed hotel will make it easier for guests to peacefully drift off to sleep.

Custom Hotel Beds

Custom hotel beds can help guests get a good night’s sleep whether they are staying for a week on a tropical vacation or just overnight on a business trip. Hospitality lodging serves many purposes, but a good hotel bed can make all the difference in the world to your guests no matter their reason for staying with you.

  • Hotel beds can be customized for location and type of vacation
  • A hotel bed manufacturer can work with you to design the specific type of bed you want – Platform, panel, sleigh, poster, canopy and more
  • Design can be modern, contemporary, traditional, country, vintage, coastal, rustic, industrial, mid-century
  • Wood hotel beds can be crafted to be simple or ornate, helping you tell your property’s story

The hotel bed and frame are the first steps in crafting the perfect sleeping experience for guests visiting your property. Northland Furniture Company creates custom hotel beds that set the foundation for a great night’s sleep.

Beyond the Bed Frame

Beyond the bed and frame itself, comfort comes from the firmness of the mattress, the thread count in the sheets, the cozyness of the pillows and blankets. In order to provide guests with the best experience possible during their time at your hotel, it’s important to pay special attention to the bed. Making guests feel like they are sleeping in their own bed at home should be the ultimate goal when designing hotel beds.

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