Custom Hotel Furniture Builds the Ambiance You Desire

Custom Hotel Furniture Builds the Ambiance You Desire

From small cottages in the country, to large resorts in tropical destinations, to modern condos in urban enclaves, custom hotel furniture can create the ambiance you desire. While Northland Furniture Company does offer a variety of collections, nothing tells the story of your unique brand and hospitality experience than custom hotel furniture.

Designing Custom Hotel Furniture

Northland Furniture Company is made up of a team of experienced and talented designs and craftsmen who work together to create exquisite hotel furniture. Northland’s custom hotel furniture designers will work with your company to create the perfect ambiance you desire for your specific clientele.

  • With a background in pine furniture, Northland has the expertise to design and build hotel furniture from woods sourced from the Pacific Northwest, which is perfect for mountain lodges and cabins
  • Northland works with many different materials, finishes and hardware to customize your hotel furniture from scratch or when making alterations to our current collections
  • Hotel furniture is designed for high traffic environments meaning it’s built to last
  • We have experience designing anything from contemporary to classic meaning we can outfit your big city luxury hotel, or your quaint, beachside escape
  • Because our hotel furniture is built to last, it’s also made to have long-lasting design. Unless you’re looking to upgrade hotel furniture as trends change, choosing custom hotel furniture with a long-lasting design will be beneficial for a long lifespan of the product

At Northland, we work with the layout of your guest rooms to design and develop furniture that fits perfectly in your spaces. We take into account the bedroom and living spaces of your floor plans to create custom hotel furniture that creates the ambiance you desire.

Contact Northland Furniture Company for more information about custom hotel furniture. From cozy bed and breakfast’s to multinational destination resorts, we can provide expertly designed hotel furniture perfect for your needs.