Five Ways Custom Office Furniture Can Make Your Team More Productive

Five Ways Custom Office Furniture Can Make Your Team More Productive

A comfortable office chair, a clean workspace, and a creative work environment can encourage your employees to become more productive, more focused, and more creative. That’s why so many Silicon Valley companies have decided to design custom office furniture that will promote a productive workspace. You can too. Here’s how:

Here Are Five Ways Custom Office Furniture Can Make Your Team More Productive:

Use Minimalist Design to Keep Employees Focused

If you’ve ever worked from home only to discover that you can’t stop cleaning your house, it’s because it’s hard to work well in a messy or cluttered work environment. To help your employees prioritize the tasks at hand, it’s important that you streamline the environment around them so that it feels clean and undistracting. Use minimalist design concepts to create desk spaces with clean lines and hidden wires so employees can stay focused.

Use Unique Furniture to Keep Employees Creative

With bean bag chairs in the lounge, napping pods down the hall, and standing desks in their open concept offices, there’s a lot we can learn about office furniture from tech denizens such as Apple’s new Apple Park and Google’s famed Googleplex. These offices were designed to inspire creativity in their employees, and they do just that by featuring unique furniture you wouldn’t find elsewhere. With picnic tables in the lunchroom and telephone booths for private calls, there are endless ways you can use custom office furniture to inspire your employees.

Use Vibrant Colors to Increase Productivity

It’s proven that bright, vibrant colors can greatly influence the moods of your employees. That’s why companies such as Motorolla, Proctor & Gamble, and The Body Shop have hired color psychologist Angela Wright to help them design office spaces with productivity in mind. Blue will make employees the most productive, she says, while yellow stimulates optimism, red inspires manual labor, and green promotes calm and affluence.

Set Up Standing Desks to Promote Better Health

Several studies have shown that standing desks can decrease the likelihood of developing everything from obesity and diabetes to cancer and heart disease. One study even went so far as to say that if the average American could reduce their sitting time to only three hours per day, they would gain up to two years in life expectancy. In other words, standing desks are good for your employees, and that’s worth investing in.

Create a Separate Space for Employee Personal Time

Another way custom office furniture can help your team become more productive is to create a separate space employees can use for personal time. This might be a lounge area or a dining area even. This helps employees feel that when they are at their desks, they are ready to work.

Northland Furniture creates custom office furniture for forward-thinking companies around the country. Our minimalist design practices and unique furniture options will help your employees be more productive and more creative. Contact us for more information—we’d love to set your team up for success.