Pre-Designed or Fully Customizable Senior Living Furniture

Pre-Designed or Fully Customizable Senior Living Furniture

Senior living furniture serves a special purpose. Residents in senior living communities often have special health and medical needs. The furniture in senior living communities must be comfortable and easily accessible for residents with health conditions and restrictions. During the transition from home to a senior community, residents may have a difficult time adjusting. This consideration makes choosing the perfect senior living furniture a unique priority, as we want to help make the transition as seamless as possible.

Stock furniture may or may not fulfill the special needs of your residents. At Northland, we make it easy to adapt and design senior living furniture to fit your accessibility and design requirements. We offer senior living collections that can be purchased as designed or customized for your needs. Whether you decide to alter an existing collection to meet your needs or work with our team of designers to create a fully custom collection specific to your brand, Northland helps meet your special purpose with senior living furniture.

Senior Living Furniture Collections

Northland has worked diligently to create senior living furniture collections that appeal to a broad spectrum of resident needs and preferences. All of our collections highlight accessibility standards and offer straightforward, simple design. Our furniture collections include:

  • Monticello Collection
  • Northfield Collection
  • Tucson Collection
  • Shasta Collection

Our pre-designed senior living community furniture collections are fully customizable to meet the requirements of your community. Don’t like exactly what you see? Prefer a different finish or hardware? Northland can alter pre-designed collections to accommodate the specific needs of your residents.

Custom and Customizable

At Northland, we make it easy to create a senior living furniture collection all your own. All senior living community furniture shares many similar attributes, but when design and accessibility matter, we’re here to serve your personal preferences.

For custom and customizable senior living furniture that serves the needs of your residents and staff, contact Northland. We specialize in create furniture to appeal to the needs and tastes of your eclectic group of residents.