Choosing Functional Nursing Home Furniture

Choosing Functional Nursing Home Furniture

When it’s time to consider investing in new nursing home furniture, there are many factors to consider. From price and shipping considerations to the look and function of the furniture itself. Nursing homes are unlike other levels of senior care. Nursing homes cater to individuals that need more care and attention than those in an independent living setting. Due to the increased level of care provided, nursing home furniture must meet higher standards of functionality.

Functionality Above All

Nursing homes provide a place for people who can’t be cared for at home but also don’t require hospitalization. The increased level of care requires skilled nurses on-hand 24 hours a day. Many nursing homes are set up like hospitals, which means much of the furniture needs to serve a medical purpose. At the same time functionality needs to be made a priority, many of the residents in nursing homes don’t want to feel like they are in the hospital. It’s also important to choose comfortable nursing home furniture to appeal to the home aspect of care.

  • Tables and desks need to be ADA heights to allow residents in wheelchairs to access them easily
  • Beds must be practical and durable to meet the high demands of a nursing home environment
  • Chests, tables, drawers and other furniture need to be easily accessible by residents and staff
  • Easy-to-clean furniture that’s both durable and functional
  • Accommodate cords and medical machines

Nursing Home Furniture Manufacturers

In choosing functional nursing home furniture, the manufacturer can make all the difference. Nursing home furniture manufacturers know the specific needs of today’s seniors. At Northland, we know nursing home furniture and how residents and staff need to use it. We appreciate how comfort and functionality combine to form the best furniture.

When functionality and comfort matter most, choose Northland as your nursing home furniture manufacturer. Contact Northland for more information about functional nursing home and senior living furniture.