What to Look for in Furniture for Rehabilitation Facilities

What to Look for in Furniture for Rehabilitation Facilities

Accidents, illnesses, and other medical challenges can cause individuals to require rehabilitative support. To support the physical and psychological well-being of these individuals, Northland provides custom furniture for rehabilitation facilities. That means chairs and tables that are adjustable, bedroom furniture that is beautiful and functional, and treatment furniture that is accommodating.

Here’s What to Look for When Purchasing Furniture for Rehabilitation Facilities:

Adjustable Chairs and Tables

Depending on the injury, some patients may be less mobile than others. Some may have a better grasp on motor function than others. Some may be mentally handicapped more so than physically handicapped. Some patients may be unable to grasp small handles with their hands, or stand-up from an armchair that is too low. Other patients may be unable to sit up in a chair without support.

That’s why one of the most important aspects of rehabilitation is being able to adjust treatment to an individual patient’s needs. Patients need to be able to be moved from room to room without difficulty. Chairs need to be at a height that makes it easy for them to stand on their own. Tables need to be adjustable so they can be comfortably used for meals and beverages. In short, furniture for rehabilitation facilities should be accommodating of all needs, no matter the patient.

Functional Bedrooms That Feel like Home

For patients staying at your rehabilitation facility, it’s important that their living quarters feel like home. Going through rehabilitation can be as mentally challenging as it is physically challenging and comforts that provide a sense of normality can make a huge difference in their recovery. One study goes so far as to say that recovering stroke patients were more likely to recover at home than they were at a hospital. This is because, rather than feeling at the mercy of a hospital, the change of environment empowered patients to make their own decisions about their treatment.

Creating bedrooms that put patients in charge of their recovery can be a very healing experience. Lounge areas that allow rehabilitation patients to entertain guests, open shelving where they can display personal effects, and cabinetry that uses easy-to-open handles can help residents feel more at home and more empowered to recover.

Lounge Areas That Are Easy to Access

Being able to move is an important aspect of recovery. That’s why it’s important to consider the pathway between a bedroom chair and any public spaces residents may wish to visit. Are the chairs high enough that the patient can stand-up on their own? Are there seating options placed along hallways should patients need to stop and rest? Are there plenty of handholds that can be used for balance and stability throughout the common areas? These are all important things to consider when looking for furniture for rehabilitation facilities.

Northland Furniture provides custom furniture for rehabilitation facilities. Our furniture is adjustable, comfortable, and made with your patent’s well-being in mind. Contact us for more information. We’d love to help you support your patients.