Get the Most Out of New Hotel Furniture

Get the Most Out of New Hotel Furniture

Buying new furniture for a hotel is a commitment. Like a new relationship, that pledge could be based on the sentiment “I hope this works out,” but would be better started knowing “This has everything I was searching for, with no red flags.” When buying furnishings in bulk, you may be tempted to overlook a few character defects and choose the lower price tag. However, before you commit, you should evaluate your dedication to a smart, fulfilling purchase and ensure your new hotel furniture is ready for the same level of commitment.

The Hidden Costs of Buying the Wrong Furniture

  • Guests notice if furnishings look low-end, and will associate your brand similarly.
  • Damaged furniture may inspire a poor review and will be costly to repair.
  • Furnishings beyond repair incur disposal and replacement costs.
  • Even well-made, trendy furniture quickly loses its appeal as the trend passes, making resale less likely and disposal fees more probable.
  • Ornate furnishings require more paid labor to keep clean, and cost more to repair/replace when damaged.
  • Attractively priced imports may contain toxic materials, may have been produced under unfair labor laws or unsafe conditions and with a bigger carbon footprint of transportation than domestics. Further, according to the Government Accountability Office, Chinese-made wooden furniture currently makes up 22% of unpaid countervailing and anti-dumping duties owed to the US government (approximately $505 million.)

Find Your Significant Furniture

Now that we’ve covered the consequences of choosing substandard pieces, here are some guidelines to help you find the hotel furniture you can count on for years to come:

Choose high quality, resilient pieces that will stand the test of time. Northland Furniture uses components made from solid and engineered wood (fortified with environmentally friendly resins). Reinforcement elements are used to prevent sagging or damage from heavy objects. Northland offers a variety of beautiful finishes made from water-based stains, and pre-catalyzed lacquers, which result in a more durable finish than traditional lacquers.

Timeless designs are the perfect complement to robust construction. Northland Furniture supplies classic and contemporary designs, flexibility for material upgrades, color combinations, and custom designs for clients with specific needs. Clean designs make a statement in any room and are easy for staff to keep clean. Should there come a time to once again replace your hotel furniture, you can be confident in smart, fulfilling purchase that will serve guests for years to come.