What Hotels Can Learn About Hospitality Decor from Airbnb

What Hotels Can Learn About Hospitality Decor from Airbnb

The hotel market has become increasingly competitive—thanks in large part to the home rental service Airbnb. Thankfully, there are several things hotels can learn about hospitality decor from Airbnb that will help them attract more guests—and stay competitive.

Here’s What Hotels Can Learn About Hospitality Decor from Airbnb:

Make Guests Feel like Home

One of the main reasons guests choose to stay with an Airbnb rental is that it makes them feel like home. Offering more than just a coffee maker, most Airbnb’s come equipped with full kitchens for guests that prefer to cook, and refrigerators that can be used to store restaurant leftovers. Just because guests are traveling doesn’t mean they want to eat every meal out on the town. Having a place to heat up or prepare meals makes travel much more economical for your visitors. Invest in custom kitchen furniture and appliances so guests can make themselves at home.

Decor doesn’t hurt as well. Instead of having blank white walls or run-of-the-mill photography—add a touch of personality. Guests love staying in Airbnb rooms because of their unique sense of style. Paint one of the walls. Feature artwork from local artists. Put vases on countertops or place unique books on the nightstands. Ski lodges would do well to put old snowshoes on walls or use wooden skis as decor. The point is that hotels should decorate—and do so in a way that is relevant their personality and location.

Create Communal Hang out Areas

Many hotel rooms offer a place to sleep, but not necessarily a place to stay. Because friends often accompany travelers, it’s important that hotels create communal areas in which groups can hang out. This is one of the main reasons many travelers are attracted to Airbnb—it’s a place where guests can bring five of their best friends, make dinner in the kitchen, and hang out together in the living room or on the outdoor patio. Though this may be hospitality decor from Airbnb, hotels can do the same.

Place custom sofas and chairs in each room so guests can host small gatherings. Create large lobbies complete with games, coffee bars, happy hours, and plenty of seating, so guests have a place to hang out with friends. Create outdoor patios with fire pits, patio furniture, lawn games, and maybe an evening S’more making ritual. Having communal hangout areas that allow guests to hang out with their friends—has the added benefit of attracting larger groups to hotels.

Invite Guests to “Work from Home”

A 2015 survey revealed that only 10% of Airbnb guests are traveling on business, compared with 30% of hotel guests. This means business travel is still a huge market segment for those in the hospitality industry—and one to capitalize on. Frequent traveler point systems, nearby conference centers, and whether or not a hotel is allowed by a particular business all play a part in attracting clients to a given hotel. That isn’t to say that Airbnb isn’t gaining ground. Or that there they can’t be learned from.

One thing that Airbnb has done exceptionally well is set up a home office. Though business travelers are often traveling to a work conference or meeting, it’s likely they’ll need to finish up some work in their room as well. Well set-up desks with easy-access outlets, USB ports, and even monitors, can be a huge help. Keep a pen and paper nearby for note taking and add a decorative lamp or ergonomic chair, so guests feel comfortable and at home.

These are just a few of the things hotels can learn about hospitality decor from Airbnb. By creating an environment conducive to eating, entertaining, and working from the room, hotels can borrow from successful Airbnb decor ideas to attract guests are otherwise lured elsewhere.

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