Hospitality Furniture as a Conversation Starter

Hospitality Furniture as a Conversation Starter

Hospitality furniture serves many functional purposes. Hospitality furniture allows your guests to comfortably drift off into a peaceful dreamland and gives them a place to sit and relax in their room after dinner in your fine restaurant and dining establishments. One aspect to consider when choosing the new furniture for your hotel, convention center, lodge or resort is what will people say about it? Will your hospitality furniture serve as a conversation starter? And if it does, will it be for the right reasons?

Conversation around furniture can be great, but also can be detrimental to your brand. While guests may not choose a hotel or restaurant based on the furniture inside, it’s definitely a contributing factor to their experience. Old, broken down beds and chairs in guest rooms can set a negative tone from the get-go and lead to a less than desirable experience. On the opposite end of the spectrum, aesthetically pleasing, well-made furniture can leave a memorable mark on guests and inspire positive conversation about it and your company.

Make Your Hospitality Furniture a Positive Conversation Starter

Take control of the conversation and make sure your furniture inspires conversation in the most positive ways.

  • Replace broken furniture as soon as possible
  • Choose hospitality furniture that compliments the space
  • Work with a hospitality furniture company to design custom pieces
  • Arrange furniture so the lines flow naturally and is pleasing to the eye
  • Create a focal point in the room that inspires natural conversation and flow
  • Choose colors and designs that appeal to a broad audience, unless you want to go for something that strikes up conversation in a different vein

Avoid having negative reviews on Yelp because the hospitality furniture in your guest rooms was broken or out of date. Inspire positive conservation with your furniture that encourages your guests to enthusiastically share their experiences in your hotel.