Hospitality Furniture Transforms Your Hotel into a Destination

Hospitality Furniture Transforms Your Hotel into a Destination

Changing your hospitality furniture can do more than revitalize your space, it can help turn your hotel into a destination. Often when visitors are planning their trips a hotel with a lot of buzz draws them in. The first thing potential visitors notice about your hotel before they’ve ever interacted with your customer service team is photos of your rooms, lobby, pool, and grounds online.

Choosing the right hospitality furniture can establish your hotel as a destination in your town. When people think of visiting your town what hotels immediately come to mind? Odds are you know exactly what destinations draw in visitors. When you think of makes them stand out, what comes to mind? More often than not visitors will choose a hotel based the hospitality furniture in the bedrooms, courtyards, restaurants, bars, and lobbies.

How can hospitality furniture transform your hotel into a destination?

Get the details just right

Hospitality furniture needs to offer a unique ambiance and distinctive image. Choosing the right details can take your hotel from just another place to sleep for the night to a desired destination. Hotel furniture manufacturers need to offer distinctive hardware selections that provide unparalleled flexibility to fit any style.

Fine finishes

In addition to an extensive lineup of hardware, hospitality furniture should come in a variety of finish options. Hospitality furniture designers should hand select materials and finishes that ensure each piece will be stylish and robust. Hospitality furniture with distinct and lasting finish options help customers remember your hotel and the experience they had there, which is the first step in become a destination.

Stylish durability

When you think of durability, style may not be the first synonym to pop into your head, but with quality hospitality furniture it should be. The most desired destinations earn their reputations on quality furniture that’s both stylish and durable. Visitors to your hotel want to feel confident that their dresser drawers won’t fall apart and their hospitality seating won’t sag. And you don’t want to have to regularly replace hospitality furniture.

Northland Furniture produces high-quality hospitality furniture with fine finishes and distinctive hardware options that help transform hotels into destinations. Contact us for more information about our custom hospitality furniture and collections.