Hospitality Interior Design Trends Bridge Millennials and Baby Boomers

Hospitality Interior Design Trends Bridge Millennials and Baby Boomers

Hospitality design trends for 2017 indicate we will see both millennials and baby boomers with contrasting wants and needs, and accordingly, the industry will see challenges resulting from meeting those needs. In order to be successful, hotels will need to find the right mix of features to appeal to each audience.


“The easiest way to sum it up is that millennials seek to create a sharing experience—it’s a version of the “Uber effect”—while baby boomers look for a fundamental experience when choosing a hotel,” offered Jordan McInturf, vice president of sales with Shelby Williams.

Baby Boomer Seek Fundamental Comforts

When looking at baby boomer preference, most indicators point to familiar design elements. Here are some of the most commonly mentioned design trends for 2017:


  • Rustic – Traditional furniture is a favorite among travelers. Inspired by nature and the countryside, rustic design helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that’s reminiscent of home.
  • Metallics – Metallic tones are finding their way into many of the small details.
  • Monochrome – This classic finish will never go out of style.
  • Neutral tones – Inspiration from the outdoors paves the way for neutral, earthy tones
  • Natural textures – Expect to see different techniques with texture, including wire and brushing, which helps to make wood grain pop.


Millennials Crave Unique Sharing Opportunities

On the other side, addressing the wants and needs of millenials requires some new approaches. Millennials want each experience they have in hotels to be unique. As a result, the challenges revolve around how to provide more unique, authentic experiences.


No generation before has ever been interwoven like technology and millennials . This means that when staying at a hotel, millenials will expect much more than free Wi-Fi. They are seeking new ways to create and share their experiences, and simultaneously want to do so in environmentally conscious spaces. As a result, we’re seeing hotel lobby and room designs morphing into more open and flexible spaces and technology incorporated into functional furniture. Scaled down design with an emphasis on authentic and sharable experiences will be the standard.


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