How Hospitality Interior Designers Create Beautiful Hotel Guest Rooms

How Hospitality Interior Designers Create Beautiful Hotel Guest Rooms

Interior design is both an art and science. The role of hospitality interior designers is unique because they must consider how public spaces connect with the variety of people who use them. The best interior designers create beautiful hotel guest rooms and spaces that appeal to the emotions of hotel guests while anticipating their needs.

Professionals who design commercial interiors specify everything from carpets, paint colors, and light fixtures to furnishings, casegoods, and more. Northland understands the important role of interior design and how it influences the way people live, work, play, and even heal.

We work closely with interior architects and designers to custom design hospitality furniture for a wide variety of applications. Northland’s commitment to excellence is demonstrated in the quality and beauty of its hospitality, student housing, and senior living furniture.

4 Popular Hotel Styles

The number one goal of every hospitality designer is to create functional and appealing spaces. The most popular design styles that influence and inspire interior design for hotel guest rooms are as follows:

  • Contemporary—Uses negative space to convey the feeling of basic and bare. Hospitality interior designers use contemporary furniture design when they want simple shapes with smooth edges.
  • Craftsman—Strives to harmonize with the environment by the use of natural materials such as wood and leather. Craftsman interior design is very popular in the Pacific Northwest for boutique hotels and National Parks.
  • Industrial—Aims to create vast spaces with open floor plans. The industrial interior design style incorporates materials such as brick, rough wood, and metals.
  • Mid-Century Modern—Is well suited for small spaces and is often used in boutique hotels.
  • Traditional— Reproduces furniture from early historical periods. Traditional interiors have a comfortable, homey feel with soft edges on furnishings and often include floral patterns.

Hospitality Interior Designers: Creating Durable, Well-designed Casegoods

It is important for hospitality interior designers who specify for hotels, senior living facilities, and student dormitories to choose durable, well-designed casegoods for their guest rooms and public spaces.

Northland casegoods are designed to last and are both functional and aesthetic, making them an appealing choice for hoteliers and designers.

Hospitality interior designers can turn to Northland, a hospitality furniture manufacturer, to help them create spaces that are inviting, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and enduring. Northland artisans have been designing and building high-quality furniture for more than 40 years.