Factors to Consider When Choosing Hotel Casegoods Manufacturers

Factors to Consider When Choosing Hotel Casegoods Manufacturers

When it comes time to choose hotel casegoods manufacturers there are a variety of factors to consider. You want to choose hotel casegoods manufacturers with an aesthetic that relates to your desired clientele. The right hotel casegoods manufacturers will adapt to your project with ease and provide excellent recommendations that enhance your experience.

Consider these factors when choosing hotel casegoods manufacturers:


There’s more to hotel casegoods than the furniture and goods themselves. When choosing the best hotel casegoods manufacturers it’s important to consider the customer service they will provide throughout the entire project. A company that has skillfully designed top-of-the-line hotel casegoods for many years with a strong reputation for excellence likely has earned their position due to quality customer service.

In-house Manufacturing

Cut out the middleman when buying hotel casegoods and deal with the manufacturer directly. The best hotel casegoods manufacturers have lean manufacturing processes and robust technology, which allows them to offer competitive pricing. In-house manufacturing and design creates excellent value for hotel casegoods.

Superior Hotel Casegoods Construction

Hotel casegoods manufacturers that place value on superior construction should be sought out for your next project. Veneers are hand selected for quality and uniformity of color and all exposed surfaces are wood veneers or solid stock. All cases wider than 40 inches have a center divider and are reinforced to prevent sagging of shelves and tops. No matter what the item in the collection, the best hotel casegoods manufacturers ensure superior construction and excellence.

When considering hotel casegoods manufacturers, Northland Furniture hits the mark on all of the factors. From excellent customer service, to in-house manufacturing that inspires competitive pricing to superior construction, Northland Furniture rises to the top of the pack of hotel casegoods manufacturers. Contact us for more information about how Northland can help with your next hotel remodeling project.