The Top Hotel Decor Trends To Bring Home

The Top Hotel Decor Trends To Bring Home

Have you ever slept better in a hotel room than in your own bedroom? The phenomenon is so common because hotel decor relies on the most comfortable furniture, beds, and linens they can find to ensure a good night’s sleep.

The furniture is carefully curated as well. Many hotels use feng shui methods to decorate a room in minimalist style, allowing their guests to have a clean space with lots of breathing room and a night away from the clutter and bustle of home.

But this idea is no longer limited to hotels. Instagram has allowed us to peek into the world of the wandering elite, following fashion icons and travel bloggers as they explore the many beautiful boutique resorts around the world, taking pictures of them as they go. And as we peruse photos of an elegant Parisian suite or an exotic Moroccan retreat, we can borrow from the refined aesthetic of these world class resorts, bringing the romance or the vibrancy of a city and their hotels into the rooms where we spend so much of our lives.  

The top five hotel decor trends to bring home:

White Space

white space

Many hotels rely on white space to allow for a tranquil experience to quiet a busy mind. Purchasing white linens, benches, and bedside tables adds to the allure and can be complemented with a pop of color.

White space can also help with sleep, silencing the chatter many so often experience before bed by limiting the stimulation we are exposed to in the bedroom. White windows and drapes drown out the sound and light that can keep us up at night for a restful slumber every single night.



Wood grains, furs, tiles, wool blankets and other textured items can be added to a minimalist style bedroom to add warmth, comfort, and what is known in nordic literature as hygge—a feeling of being cozy.

We crave coziness, especially in the wintertime, which is why winter resorts and lodges stock up on textured items for the snowy season. Wooden beds draped with heavy feathered blankets and stone fireplaces hung with rosemary branches are added comforts that keep us warm and happy.

Matching Upholstery


Reminiscent of 1950’s style upholstery, hotel decor featuring matching items has once again become en vogue. To bring it back, simply pick a patterned fabric that can be paired throughout a room, and use it to upholster a bed, chair, or blankets (or all of the above) for a nostalgic feeling that reminds you of grandma’s.

To pull the feeling throughout your house, pick a pop-color from the patterned fabric to pull through the house in the form of flowers, pillows, and other decor for a room that matches and a style that reminds you of home.



Minimalist design is all about keeping a room as simple as possible. This works well for small spaces that cannot fit more than a few pieces of key furniture and it gives inhabitants a feeling of mental clarity. Not much else is needed when you have all the simple pleasures life has afforded to you.

A well-made bed, a solid blanket, and a lamp are all one needs to enjoy a quiet night in and a moment of peace from a world that won’t stop turning.



For a European twist, apply pattern and repeat. Patterned wall papers layered over with patterned furniture, patterned blankets, and patterned rugs offer a luxurious respite reminiscent of long ago royalty and decadent dreams. For those that enjoy a little luxury, pattern can help create the life of leisure that many of us would love to enjoy in the comfort of our own homes.

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