Different Hotel Furniture Finishes Create a Customized Feel

Different Hotel Furniture Finishes Create a Customized Feel

What’s your favorite color? It’s one of the most common ‘get to know you’ questions around and something we’ve all been answering since we were toddlers. When it comes to hotel furniture, it’s hard to please everyone, but different finishes allow you to customize to your specific tastes. It might not appeal to everyone, but certain hotel furniture finishes will be adored by the masses and other’s will be a memorable choice that sets your apart from the pack. Northland Furniture offers our hotel furniture in a variety of finishes, which allows you customize to your hotel’s design standards.

Choosing the Right Hotel Furniture Finish

Choosing the right finish for your hospitality furniture means finding the perfect style to match the feel of your hotel. Certain finishes convey a different tone than others. Some finishes may be more appropriate for hotels geared towards adults and others better for families with children. Depending on whether you want hotel furniture that tells a modern story or something more classic and timeless, Northland Furniture has the perfect finish to meet your specific needs.

Hotel Furniture Finishes Available:

  • Alabama-Cherry
  • Asian-Night
  • Cherry-Birch
  • Chocolate-Pear
  • Hardrock-Maple
  • Highline
  • Solar-Oak
  • Wild Cherry-Orange
  • Wild Cherry-Red
  • York-Cherry

If you’re looking for a more modern look and feel for your hotel furniture, consider going with the Asian-Night finish from Northland. The Asian-Night finish gives a cool, contemporary feel especially when paired with sleek platform beds, nightstands and desks.

For a more timeless and classic feel, go with a Cherry-Birch or Hardrock-Maple finish. Pairing beautiful finishes with distinct and durable hardware makes for the perfect blend of design and functionality. No matter which finish and hardware you choose for your Northland hotel furniture, it will ensure the products are stylish and robust.

Contact Northland Furniture for more information about different finishes available. Our hotel furniture designers can work with you to choose the perfect finish to match the style and feel you’re aimed to achieve in your hotel.