Northland Creates Hotel Furniture Built for Longevity

Northland Creates Hotel Furniture Built for Longevity

At Northland Furniture, we build hotel furniture for longevity. We stand behind every piece of hotel furniture we build with a 10 year warranty. Recently, we’ve talked to some very happy customers who have told us that they still have the same hotel furniture they purchased from us 30 years ago and it’s holding strong. At this point the furniture may need to be updated out of the interest of aesthetics or design, but not for lack of quality and durability.

Hotel Furniture at The Benson Hotel

We happily serve many clients across the country, but during a recent stay at Portland’s Benson Hotel, we were pleased to see the longevity of hotel furniture they purchased from us in 1992. Certain rooms still featured the high-quality, durable hotel furniture they furnished their rooms with back in ‘92. While they are planning to upgrade, they will take the furniture from Northland to another property, extending it’s life even further.

Northland Longevity

For nearly 40 years, Northland Furniture has been manufacturing commercial furniture for hotels, timeshares, nursing homes and education facilities. Our commitment to quality ensures every piece of furniture is quality checked and approved before leaving our facility.

  • We use damage-resistant packaging, which includes hand wrapping furniture in blankets
  • Using these soft packing materials helps cut down on waste, costs and shipping
  • We have employees who have been with the company between 15 and 35 years, meaning they consistently know how to build in quality
  • We feature a 10 year warranty, but most of our hotel furniture lasts much longer

When seeking hotel furniture for your lodge or resort, look no further than Northland Furniture. Our high-quality, durable furniture is proven time and time again to last. At Northland, we’re proud of the longevity of our hotel furniture and can’t wait for you to see what we develop next.