Hotel Furniture: Highlight on the Malibu Collection from Northland

Hotel Furniture: Highlight on the Malibu Collection from Northland

The last couple months we have highlighted lines from our senior living collections. This month we’ve decided to turn the spotlight on our hotel furniture lines. Hospitality and hotel furniture needs to be anchored by standards of high quality, high durability and style. All of the hotel furniture lines manufactured by Northland Furniture meet and exceed these standards.

When it comes to hotel furniture, the Malibu Collection was designed to be sophisticated, yet striking. As guests enter your hotel for the first time, the furniture makes a large impression. In high traffic areas, hotel furniture must be durable, yet attractive. The Malibu Collection embodies an artistic response to practical needs, which speaks to your guests.

Hotel Furniture in the Malibu Collection

The Malibu Collection’s hotel furniture, which is durably built, features metal accents and heavy wooden legs. These modern, yet timeless classics appeal to a variety of tastes and styles, which make it a great hotel furniture option.

At the center of the Malibu Collection is the distinctive headboard with an attractive, optional light. The headboard, which comes in double, queen and king sizes, expands beyond the sides of the bed and includes an attached drawer that also acts as a nightstand. Paired with the platform bed, the Malibu Collection instantly draws in guests. They may not even want to leave the room because they’re surrounded by such attractive surroundings.

Other appealing hotel furniture pieces in the Malibu Collection include the three drawer chest with security door. This chest of drawers provides excellent storage as well as a security door for valuables, which gives your guests peace of mind. The vanity has a granite top, adding a touch of luxury. The three drawer combo unit with single drawer desk offers an optional charging station and outlet supply. This option is appreciated by guests in our always-connected digital world.

The Malibu Collection makes bold statements across a lifetime. Contact Northland Furniture to learn more about the Malibu Collection and other hotel furniture options available.