Hotels Redefine Guest Experiences to Feel More Like Home

Hotels Redefine Guest Experiences to Feel More Like Home

The variety of lodging options that exist today for the modern traveler is vast. Depending on the destination, the possibilities for where to spend the night can seem nearly inexhaustible. From large, elegant hotels to the more cost-effective options, these days there is something for everyone’s taste.

Despite the variety of hotel options available today, there is one hospitality trend quickly becoming a design standard: making hotels feel more like home.

When choosing a place to stay, there is no question that guests are looking for a unique experience. Some are looking for luxurious, while others are looking to stay connected and socialize. No matter which, ultimately, comfort is one feature appreciated by all, and nothing is as comfortable as home.

Hotels redefine guest experiences to feel like home

Stemming from the extended-stay hotel market, as hotels redefine guest experiences, several hotel chains, including Marriott, Sheraton and Hilton, are all working to redesign their operations to make their guests’ stay feel more like home.

As a result, traditional lobby designs are getting reworked to develop more comfortable and appealing spaces, encouraging guests to socialize, unwind or catch up on work. Fireplaces and libraries are becoming common lobby elements, as hotels work to create more of a family room feel and increase comfort overall.

It doesn’t matter how much work goes into the appearance of a facility, the real test comes from its coziness. Creating guest room experiences based on comfort, rather than opulence, is driving the shifting paradigm.

As hotels redefine guest experiences, increased attention to details such as the comfort of the beds all work towards helping the guest have an experience that feels like home. Simplified room design helps achieve the feeling of spaciousness. Rooms that feel cramped do not tend to be comfortable.

Along the same lines, furniture designed for comfort and function is finding favor in efforts to recreate the home feel. Most guests prefer a cozy couch to hard, uncomfortable chairs, for example, and hotels are taking notice and adapting rooms accordingly.

It used to be that when traveling, many people wanted to “get away from it all.” However, in our uncertain and ever-changing world, it’s not always easy to know what you will get. For this reason, when traveling, there is an almost universal appeal for the safe, comfortable feel of home.

Northland brings a little piece of home into all we do

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