How Long Should Hotel Furniture Last?

How Long Should Hotel Furniture Last?

Quality hotel furniture has a certain distinction. It is flawless, efficient and looks essentially unused. And of course it is this level of cleanliness and pristine condition that in part makes a hotel successful.

One of the biggest challenges the hotel industry faces is ensuring their hotel furniture is in prime condition. The durability of hotel furniture is key given a diverse influx of visitors and travelers are constantly enjoying the amenities and furniture.

While quality hotel furniture combined with vigilant furniture maintenance is key, the questions remains:


So, how long should hotel furniture last?

This depends upon a number of factors. The maintenance turnaround on hotel furniture may be much quicker than the desk in your home office that is buried with mail and stacks of paperwork. So this quick response time is surely a factor in extending the lifespan of hotel furniture.

Additionally, trendy hotel furniture may either be manufactured poorly (since it is expected to be replaced quickly) or it is manufactured well, yet still replaced in just a matter of years to keep up with trends.

Given that user experience and fostering an inviting environment is of the upmost priority, the main reason hotels are replacing their furniture before the lifespan is exhausted is to keep up with shifting trends.

With interior designers hired to ensure consistency and cohesiveness in the look, feel and layout of hotels, the big question isn’t how long should hotel furniture last, but rather, how timeless do you want your hotel furniture to be?

It is indeed possible to be fresh and updated without being overly trendy with your hotel’s look.


In addition to considering the trendiness of your furniture, below are other factors to consider when determining how long should hotel furniture should last:


  • Consider your clientele. Is it primarily business people or youthful families enjoying the furniture? This undoubtedly determines the degree of usage that the furniture will endure day in and day out, which in turn affects the predicted lifespan.


  • Consider the design. Northland Furniture designs our furniture to last—and specific angles to your furniture can make it last even longer. Chairs with angled backs benefit from having extended rear legs in order to prevent accidental collisions with walls. Intention behind design will maximize the longevity of not only your furniture, but also your walls.


With Northland Furniture, you can rest assured knowing your hotel furniture is durable and carefully crafted in the USA using sustainable practices from production to delivery.

Our comprehensive 10-year warranty guarantees our furniture will stand the wear and tear of a high-traffic hotel. We constantly strive to ensure our furniture proudly represents our heritage and values.


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