Furnishing Your Hotel After Hurricane Damage

Furnishing Your Hotel After Hurricane Damage

This year has been a difficult one for many popular tourist destinations on the coast. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria have devastated Texas, Florida, and Caribbean coastlines leaving hundreds, if not thousands, of hoteliers scrambling to get back to business as usual. One of the most costly consequences of hurricane damage in the hospitality industry is replacing furniture that has been ruined or wrecked.

Get Your Hotel Up and Running After the Hurricane Damage

One town in Texas went from 5,000 hotel rooms available each night to only 50 after Hurricane Harvey hit. The Beachgate Condosuites in Port Aransas has experienced more than $275,000 in reservation losses for their 48-room hotel, with cancellations stretching well into the new year. For smaller boutique hotels, unrented rooms mean no longer receiving a paycheck.

In Florida, several large resorts have fared substantial damage, with Key West’s 120-room Hyatt still closed due to hurricane damages. The Marriott is also still working to reopen while working to quickly repair damage and replace furniture. In the Caribbean, St. Barts and Anguilla have lost $18 million in displaced business. In other words, the scramble to reopen is on. And in some places, it’s vital.

Northland Furniture Provides Hospitality Furniture With 6-8 Week Lead Times

Not only do hotels need to replace furniture, but they must do so quickly enough that upcoming reservations can still be kept. Though replacing furniture can be costly, it’s even more costly to keep a hotel closed for any extended length of time. That’s why one Florida hotel called us immediately after the hurricane to request hospitality furniture with a quick lead time. Thankfully, that’s our specialty.

Northland Furniture provides commercial hospitality furniture with 6-8 week lead times. That means we can get your hotel furnished and ready to host guests again a mere eight weeks after the damage is done. Not only that, but our furniture is manufactured in the United States using only North American materials. As a result, our customers can trust that they will never have to deal with international shipping snafus or long lead times.

Our Furniture Comes Guaranteed with 10-Year Warranties

We use sustainably sourced materials, eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and LEED-applicable stains and finishes for all of our custom furniture. For world-class results where luxury comes hand-in-hand with sustainability and integrity, we have just the thing. We take pride in the quality designs we have created for boutique and commercial hotels alike. So much so that we offer ten-year warranties ensuring your furniture will be able to withstand the elements for years to come.

If your hotel has been hit by hurricane damage this year, give us a call. Northland Furniture provides custom hospitality furniture for boutique and commercial resorts of all sizes. We’d be happy to help you furnish your resort so you can get back up and running in record time.