Inspired By You | Customizable Furniture

Inspired By You | Customizable Furniture

If you are looking to furnish a hotel or senior living facility you probably want something that suits your style. Whether you are going for a modern minimalist aesthetic or a boutiquey European vibe, you need customizable furniture to match. And that can be hard to come by. After all, most commercial furniture manufacturers excel at one style and one style only. Like the Ford Model T, they come in any color you’d like, so long as it’s black.

Northland Furniture has built our reputation on providing quality furniture that is customizable to fit your specifications. We love working with your interior designers, architects, and hotel owners to match the look and feel you’re working to achieve. And that’s true whether you are a beach resort on the coast or a senior housing community in the city.

Northland Furniture Provides Customizable Furniture For Commercial Projects

Northland furniture provides customizable furniture for commercial projects. We specialize in hospitality furniture and senior living furniture though we’ve also outfitted office spaces, rehabilitation facilities, churches, and several other commercial spaces. We are able to do this because we are not limited to a particular set of collections. We love to get creative and collaborate on a collection together. Then we produce the furniture you want to fill your facility.

For The Hospitality Industry

We’ve supplied furniture to many flags over in the past 43 years, as well as many independent properties such as national park facilities in Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, and Glacier. As you can imagine, each of these properties is entirely different. We’ve made modern furniture with clean lines for newer resorts, and we’ve built classic lodge furniture for rustic properties. And each property had something completely different.

We chalk it all up to flexibility. Because we do not require order minimums, our hoteliers can get something that is exactly to their specifications. They can tweak and make adjustments to our standard lines or let us know what inspires you so we can help created something that is absolutely perfect for their properties. And because all of our furniture is made in the United States (and from North American materials no less) we can do it all with 6-8 week lead times.

This has proved especially beneficial to hotel properties that were impacted by hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria. Hotels all along our southern coasts were suddenly devastated by flooding and property damage. As you can imagine, getting back up and running quickly was of utmost priority to these coastal resorts. Thankfully, because we offer customizable furniture and have the ability to ship it quickly, we were able to help some of these hotels get back to business in record time.

For Senior Living Facilities

Customizable furniture is especially important to senior living and rehabilitation facilities. That’s because residents at these facilities often require special care or have limited mobility. Thankfully, customizable furniture can make all the difference. Strategically placed benches that are available every few yards can allow residents to get from one spot to another by taking small breaks along the way. Drawer pulls that can be easily used by residents, rounded corners, and convenient access to their belongings make a big difference.

Todays senior living environments have also moved away from traditional hospital-like interiors, opting instead for the look and feel of an upscale hotel. And technology has played a big part in that. As seniors become more technologically advanced, power ports can be added to their furniture for better accessibility for residents and their families.