How to Keep Your Hospitality Furniture in Great Shape

How to Keep Your Hospitality Furniture in Great Shape

Those in the travel industry know well that hospitality furniture must be kept in excellent condition. Guests staying at an establishment expect to spend the evening in a well cleaned and maintained room, and anything less would be considered a customer service issue.

There are a few things any hotelier can do to keep furniture in excellent condition and to keep guests perpetually happy.

1. Buy Durable Products

Buying high-quality goods may seem like common sense, but many are surprised to learn how many hotel chains buy cheaper hospitality furniture to save money in the short-term. Quality furnishings don’t have to cost a fortune, but it’s worth investigating which brands will stand the test of time.

Hoteliers must remember that furniture needs to withstand significantly more use in a hotel than furniture meant for the home. By selecting high-quality products in the first place, hotels are less likely to experience customer complaints or negative reviews down the line.

One way to guarantee durability is to purchase products made in the USA. This way hotels have more control over the design process, more visibility on the quality control measures being taken, and far shorter lead times. If anything does go wrong problems can be resolved quickly and replacements can be shipped promptly.

2. Keep A Written Maintenance Policy

Teams are always changing, so it’s important that there be a written policy documenting how to assemble new furniture, how to fix common issues, and how to clean various surfaces properly.

Most furniture will come with assembly instructions. Keep it on hand for new hires or rotating staff members who may have no experience with the furniture that has been purchased. If there are items that occasionally need to be fixed or refurbished, note how those should be handled as well.

Finally, make sure to document how to clean furniture properly (as per the instructions outlined for each item). If someone accidentally uses a bleach-based product on wood-grain furniture, that item may be ruined permanently and require immediate replacement. A costly and time-consuming mistake.

3. Keep Extra Parts On Hand

Keep note of those pieces and parts that may break or become unsightly over time. Plan for each surface or part that may need to be fixed or replaced at the drop of a hat.

This includes varnish for wood surfaces that may become scratched, screws and nails for metal parts that may become damaged, and any wheels or knobs that may need to be replaced. By keeping these items on hand, rooms can always look their best without having to replace an entire piece of hospitality furniture.

4. Care For Furniture Properly

Separate steps need to be taken for various surfaces. For example, wood furniture will last longer if placed away from windows, sunlight and any heating or cooling elements. Phones or lamps are placed on a wood table, rotate them periodically to keep the table from developing discoloration. Felt should be added to the bottom of anything sitting on a wood surface to prevent scratching.

Similarly, upholstery and leather do well away from the sun and will likely require specialty cleansers to remove any stains. Always keep in mind that different fabrics and treatments may require different care.

5. Make Sure To Have A Ten-Year Warranty

This will protect hoteliers against all infractions that may occur at the expense of the furniture. And since most quality hotels upgrade their furniture every five to ten years, a ten-year warranty provides plenty of coverage.

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