Looking Forward

Looking Forward

There is no doubt that we are operating in a challenging business environment. From shutdowns to labor shortages to inflation, the hits just keep on coming. Despite this, there is still significant optimism in the market. The most recent Economic Impact Report from the World Travel and Tourism Council suggests that the next 10 years will see a marked increase in the travel industry. In total, it is projecting growth up to $3.1 Trillion by 2032. And that growth is starting now.

A sunny future still doesn’t make the present problems go away. Material prices are stabilizing but there are still increases happening. And lead times are still extended. Hence the present moment calls for forward thinking and action. Economic forecasting firms like ITR Economics make good points about pessimistic decision makers who keep their powder dry for too long and thereby lose valuable position in the market. Investing in your business now can give you a leading edge against your competition and position you to take advantage of the next 10 years of forecasted growth.

Right now, time can be your enemy or your friend. At Northland, we like to plan and think ahead. We are urging customers to place orders now that will ship in December or Q1 2023. This will lock in your pricing now and ensure on time delivery. Customers who need things ASAP and for a bargain price typically get neither.

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