Maximizing Space With Dorm Furniture From Northland

Maximizing Space With Dorm Furniture From Northland

Choosing the right dorm furniture from Northland Furniture can help students maximize space in their rooms, which have never been praised for their abundance of square footage. Dorm rooms are tiny and often shared with another person, who you may or may not know when you first move in. Living in the dorms teaches young adults how to compromise and communicate with another human in a small space, which they’ll find useful throughout their lives. By choosing dorm furniture that maximizes the little space they have, living in the residence halls may be a little more comfortable for both roommates.

Dorm Furniture | Maximizing Space with Beds

One of the easiest ways to proficiently utilize space with dorm furniture is through bed choice. Choosing the best bed style can free up space in the room for both roommates. Depending on the bed style, students can maximize space under and/or over the bed. Nearly as important, and in some cases more so, as the closet, space under or above the bed can be used for optimal storage.

Loft Bed

Loft beds provide a large amount of space in dorm rooms. Loft beds can be customized to maximize space. Roommates can often use loft beds as bunk beds to free up space on the other side of the room. Some loft bed styles have additional storage above the bed where a bed would be on a bunk bed. Lofting the lower bed to the highest height creates usable storage space below the bed.

Captain’s Bed

Captain’s beds have been a popular choice for dorm furniture for many years. Captain’s beds feature a bed on a platform with several drawers below. These types of beds allow for great organization. Extra drawers can be used to store anything from books and school supplies to an unused winter wardrobe during the spring and more. Captain’s beds are a great choice for dorm furniture in room that are a little larger than the norm.

Twin Bed

The more traditional college dorm bed includes a headboard and footboard with the opportunity for storage under the bed. Students needing more space for storage can buy risers to elevate the bed, which opens up more usability. These beds take up less physical space in dorm rooms, which provides the feeling of more space, which in many cases may be more important than storage.

Northland Furniture Company can work with you to create custom dorm furniture that opens up the space and uses it wisely. Contact us for more information about space saving dorm furniture.