Modernizing Dorm Room Furniture for the Next Generation

Modernizing Dorm Room Furniture for the Next Generation

Dorm room furniture has remained the same for many years. It’s possible the same furniture our parents had when they were in college is the same as it was for the most recent graduates. As times and technology change, it’s necessary for dorm room furniture to evolve as well. No longer are filing cabinets used to hold actual files. By updating and modernizing dorm room furniture space can be better used for student housing and the residents that call these tiny rooms home.

We all have a similar vision of what to expect when thinking about dorm room furniture. Bunk beds or high captains beds, a small wooden desk, a wardrobe used both to hold clothing as well as give privacy when changing next to a roommate. What if the next generation had a different idea? Something a little more modern that better executes the space?

Modern Dorm Room Furniture

  • Use dorm casegoods that feature eye catching stains and laminates
  • Change dorm furniture shapes
  • Update handles, drawer pulls and hardware for a more modern look and feel
  • Eliminate keyboard trays, as nearly everyone uses a laptop now
  • Be bold and incorporate standup desks instead of tradition sitting desks for added health benefit
  • Create furniture with sleek, straight lines that has a minimalist approach
  • Evaluate current furniture to see what can be eliminated due to lack of need
  • Increase versatility of furniture so it can be used for a variety of purposes, which saves space and increases storage
  • Design modern dorm furniture that emphasises safety, a concern for student housing residents and staff
  • Choose dorm room furniture manufacturers that emphasis sustainability

There are many ways to modernize dorm furniture and create rooms that better execute the space afforded to them. From modern design to eliminating unnecessary furniture items, dorm room furniture doesn’t have to be the same for the next generation as it was for their parents. Contact Northland Furniture Company for more information about modernizing dorm room furniture.