Northland Builds Lasting Quality in America

Northland Builds Lasting Quality in America

For over 40 years, Northland has been manufacturing quality commercial furniture for high traffic environments, proudly built in the United States. While trends come and go, we remain committed to this core aspect of what we do.

While there are many reasons to create and purchase furniture that’s made in the USA, our reason is simple: We take pride in creating quality products at home. The United States has a long-standing history of quality in manufacturing, and Northland strives to maintain this each and every day.


In-house manufacturing. Competitive pricing.

All of our collections are designed and manufactured in our 42,000 square foot US manufacturing facility by our team of engineers and craftsman. This means we’re able to manage the production process from start to finish, maintain flexibility to serve project needs and turn standard orders on shorter lead times, often within six to eight weeks – compared to twelve to sixteen from overseas providers.

Keeping good jobs in America should be a goal for any domestic manufacturer. We are proud to do our part in contributing to a strong US economy, and keeping jobs and profits in the States.


Flexibility to adapt as your needs change

We believe that working with a domestic manufacturer allows everyone involved the flexibility to adapt as needs and requirements change. During the course of any project, details are subject to change. Working with a US-based company helps make any necessary changes easy and efficient. Our lean manufacturing processes and robust technology allows us to offer competitive pricing across our collections, while still delivering excellent value.

Quality assurances provide us the ability to respond rapidly to your needs. Every piece of furniture produced by Northland uses top-of-the-line computer controlled machinery and a strict production schedule. Should any adjustments need to be made, we can do this quickly and effectively.

This improves our energy and cost efficiencies. As a result, we are able to provide competitively priced hospitality, student housing and senior living furniture built for durability.

Another factor to consider is that despite our best efforts, sometimes things can go wrong. No matter how well designed, how well planned the production cycle or how seamless the ordering process, problems can happen. When they do occur, rest assured Northland will remain close by. We provide immediate support and resolve any issues quickly and effectively.


Reducing our carbon footprint

Buying your furniture domestically can dramatically reduce our carbon footprint. Products manufactured and delivered in the US travel a significantly shorter distance, simplifying transportation. Simpler transportation means shorter lead times, and a decreased environmental impact. Northland also uses soft, damage-resistant reusable packaging, saving an enormous amount of waste each year. Northland builds sustainability into every piece of furniture it produces. We believe that furniture manufactured to provide lasting value and reduced weight on the earth is beneficial to our suppliers, our customers and to the generations to come.


Providing clients the expertise and service they expect

Northland takes pride in providing clients the expertise and service they expect. Using domestically sourced materials, including many from the Pacific Northwest, our craftsmen design and build furniture that can withstand high traffic and other challenging environments.

Northland offers one of the most comprehensive 10-year warranties in the industry. This is just further testament to our commitment to manufacturing durable furniture. We want your furniture to be the highest quality available. As a result, if you have any issues with your furniture, we will be there to assist quickly and effectively.