Leave Nothing on the Shelf | Northland Furniture is Inspired by You

Leave Nothing on the Shelf | Northland Furniture is Inspired by You

At Northland, we leave nothing on the shelf. What does that mean? Every piece of commercial furniture we craft, be it for a high-end senior living facility, boutique hotel or friar’s dormitory, has a purpose and is inspired by you. We don’t carry stock furniture that sits on shelves waiting to be purchased. We’re proud to craft unique commercial furniture that’s made per order. After your order is designed, processed, manufactured and delivered, we leave nothing on the shelf.

Northland – Inspired by You

What do we mean when we say, “Inspired by You”? At Northland, all of our furniture serves a purpose – serve your guests and residents. We take inspiration for our commercial furniture collections from the end user. We consider how the furniture will be used, where the community is located and dig deep into the needs of our clientele.

Senior Living Furniture

For our senior living furniture collections, we put ourselves in the shoes of both residents and staff. Furniture for senior living communities is near and dear to our hearts because of the soulful individuals who inhabit the beds, desks, tables and dressers. Senior living furniture by Northland is inspired by accessibility, ease of use for both staff and residents and design that appeals to a broad audience.

Hospitality Furniture

Hospitality furniture spans a wide spectrum of tastes, locations and needs. From condo hotel furniture in Mexico to quaint cottages of the Eastern Seaboard to cozy ski lodges in the heart of America’s national parks, hospitality furniture is inspired by you. While Northland offers hospitality furniture collections, don’t let that halt your creativity. In addition to predesigned collections, we’re able to alter those pieces as well as create custom designed furniture ideal for the experience you’re trying to convey.

Dormitory Furniture

Like all of the industries we serve, dormitory covers a wide array of settings and applications. While we pride ourselves on our college dormitory furniture, we also serve the military as well as religious group living residences for friars and the like. Dormitory furniture takes special inspiration, as it must be able to fit soundly in small spaces. With roots deep in bunk bed manufacturing, dormitory furniture is a Northland specialty.

Leave Nothing on the Shelf

Because our furniture is inspired by you and the needs of your residents and guests, all of our orders are manufactured on an order-by-order basis. At Northland, we don’t waste resources by stocking our shelves with furniture that may or may not be purchased or appeal to our broad client base. Through inspiration, creativity and a company culture of sustainability, we’re proud to leave nothing on the shelf at Northland.