Northland Public Statement regarding Oregon’s “Stay at Home” Orders

Northland Public Statement regarding Oregon’s “Stay at Home” Orders

Like many states, Oregon is grappling with how to respond to the threat posed by COVID-19. As of Monday, March 24th, the state’s manufacturing sector is remaining open. Northland Furniture will continue to operate, receive orders and ship product while working closely with our customers to determine any potential impacts or delays to their project. We are also communicating with our vendors to ensure a consistent supply of domestically sourced material for our factory. Northland has been, and will remain, a reliable partner to the hospitality and senior living industry, offering high quality, US manufactured casegoods. That work will continue.

  • Clearly, Northland will proceed with caution. Safety measures will remain in place to ensure the health and well-being of our employees as well as our customers. This will include such actions as:
  • Distancing – this includes both on the work floor and any other areas
  • Cleanliness – Employees will ensure a clean workstation and regular use of hand sanitizer and hand washing
  • Lunch and breaks – Employees will eat their lunch and take their breaks in their cars or their work stations and not socialize until such time that distancing is no longer required
  • Any sign of illness…the employee will be sent home immediately or asked not to come to work

Northland is full of tough and intelligent people. We take seriously the threat posed by the coronavirus to vulnerable members of our community. We also recognize that we cannot be dominated by fear. Through smart, rational and disciplined actions, Northland will continue to offer creative and innovative solutions to all our colleagues and customers despite our current challenges.


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