Process by Design

Process by Design

At Northland Furniture, our process is based on building to your design and your inspiration. From national hotel chains, independent boutique hotels or a monastic guest house, every piece of commercial furniture we craft has a purpose and is inspired by you. We don’t carry generic stock furniture that sits on shelf. We’re proud to craft unique hospitality and senior living furniture that’s built per order. The process at Northland is to Design, Develop, and Produce. This allows you the ability to give your properties a sense of identity grounded in high quality, long lasting furniture.

Design and Develop

“Inspired by You” is a concept you’ll find at Northland. All our furniture serves a purpose – to serve your guests and residents. Inspiration for our furniture collections comes from our end users. We consider how the furniture will be used, where the community is located and dig deep into the needs of our clientele. More and more these days, your voice in determining the look and feel of your property is being lost to other shareholders and third parties.

Northland likes to slow down that step and listen to what you’re saying, what you need and what you want. Northland will ask questions and offer insight into why a certain build might be better or more effective than another. The result is delivery of furniture that will drive higher guest satisfaction, lower maintenance costs and a higher return on investment.


Because our furniture is inspired by you and the needs of your guests, all our products are manufactured on an order-by-order basis. Northland doesn’t waste resources by mass producing furniture that may or may not be right for your property. Through inspiration, creativity and a company culture of sustainability, you can enhance your property with furniture that reflects the uniqueness of your community and the expectations of your guests.

Northland Furniture is committed to providing environmentally friendly furniture for the hospitality and senior living industry. Our furniture is made in the United States using materials sourced from North America. We use LEED-applicable stains and finishes and strive to conserve resources and minimize impact on our environment. Not only are our manufacturing processes better for the environment, but our furniture is made with your guest’s health in mind.

For over 42 years, Northland Furniture has been crafting high quality furniture solutions for the hospitality and senior living markets. From the heart of the Pacific Northwest in Bend Oregon, our products are all proudly made in the USA with locally source materials that carry a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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