Emphasis on Quality | Senior Living Furniture Manufacturers

Emphasis on Quality | Senior Living Furniture Manufacturers

Not all senior living furniture manufacturers were created equal. The best senior living furniture manufacturers place a high emphasis on quality, which makes them stand out from the pack. Quality senior living furniture is essential in this specific type of setting and for the residents and staff that use it everyday.

Quality Senior Living Furniture Manufacturers

In choosing senior living furniture manufacturers, it’s important to know what effort they put into maintaining and controlling quality. Senior living furniture needs to meet the highest standard of quality in order to properly and comfortably serve residents and staff.

Northland Furniture Company follows a strict quality control process to ensure each piece of senior living furniture is checked and approved before it’s packed on a truck. Senior living furniture is packed in the truck with soft, damage-resistant materials in order to maintain the same quality during transport as it was leaving our facility.

Accessibility and Quality Standards

For senior living furniture manufacturers, quality and accessibility go hand in hand. Northland incorporates special usability and safety features to enhance the quality and accessibility of the senior living furniture we produce, including:

  • Rounded corners instead of sharp edge, reducing bumps and bruises
  • Durable finishes for scratch resistance
  • All casework is made using melamine with high pressure laminate for improved hygienic qualities
  • Convenient furniture heights for those with limited range of motion
  • Wheelchair accessible tables and desks
  • Vented case backs for enhanced airflow
  • Optional casters that allow furniture to be moved

Senior living furniture manufacturers that invest in quality control are able to product collections that are built to last and support the highest standard of quality. At Northland, we put a special emphasis on quality on our senior living furniture pieces and collections. With quality comes durability and longevity. Northland stands behind every piece of senior living furniture we sell with a 10 year warranty.

Choose senior living furniture manufacturers that put an emphasis on quality and stand behind their furniture. Contact Northland Furniture Company for more information about high-quality senior living furniture.