Reduce Commercial Furniture Costs of Ownership

Reduce Commercial Furniture Costs of Ownership

Commercial furniture costs of ownership can often add up to less than positive return on investment. The cost of ownership of commercial furniture means more than the purchase price. The total cost of commercial furniture ownership, be it for a hotel, senior living community or dormitory, may end up being more expensive than you originally anticipated. The savings you found on commercial furniture, may end up costing you in the long run when you don’t take certain factors into consideration.

In order to reduce commercial furniture costs of ownership, take these factors into consideration when evaluating your alternatives.

The Real Commercial Furniture Costs of Ownership

Consider that, on average, wood products need to be replaced every 5-7 years due to normal wear and tear, breakages and joint failure. Replacing furniture can be an expensive and stressful practice that you definitely don’t want to have to do more often than necessary. When it comes to commercial furniture costs of ownership, most businesses would rather have to replace furniture because it’s out of date rather than because it breaks.

Choosing commercial furniture with at least a 10-year warranty helps eliminate unnecessary replacement and refinishing costs as well as reduce the overall cost of ownership. Replacing furniture that is out of style, or not current with the redesign your company has in mind means you can often donate or sell the old furniture, which helps increase your return on investment, as well.

In addition to the upfront costs of purchasing commercial furniture, pieces that are scuffed, dinged or outdated can leave a negative first impression on your guests or residents. Imagine sending your mother or father to a senior living community that has uncared for, beat up furniture. You wouldn’t. Lost professional opportunities can increase commercial furniture costs of ownership in a very negative way.

Reduce commercial furniture costs of ownership by purchasing durable, well-made pieces from the beginning. Furniture with a 10-year warranty will typically last at least that long, or longer, with minimizes the cost of replacement down the line. Purchasing durable, high-quality commercial furniture from the very beginning ends up reducing your cost of ownership during the lifetime of both the furniture and your company.

Northland Furniture Company manufactures high-quality, durable furniture designed to reduce commercial furniture costs of ownership. Contact us for more information about our custom commercial furniture options available with a 10-year warranty.