Prepare to Replace Residence Hall Furniture During Summer

Prepare to Replace Residence Hall Furniture During Summer

Whether building new student housing facilities, or refurbishing existing, spring is the perfect time to start thinking about new residence hall furniture. Choosing new residence hall furniture in the spring allows ample time for the order to be built and delivered before summer installation when students have returned home for the break. Whether choosing a residence hall furniture collection or researching options for custom designed options, plan in advance to avoid pushing tight deadlines before school starts in the fall.

From residence halls to dormitories to student apartments, durability comes as one of the more prominent priorities for educational facilities. In a college setting, students can often be hard on the furniture year after year. Choosing pieces that are built to last and known for durability is wise for residence hall furniture.

In addition to durability, residence hall furniture must be both practical and functional. Students living in dormitories and residence halls have to use their rooms for a variety of purposes and usually share that area with a roommate. Practical furniture that allows two people to reside together comfortably in a small area is essential when it comes to furnishing dorms and residence halls. Students must sleep, study, eat and often play in their rooms, which makes functionality a key component in designing and choosing dormitory furniture.

Residence Hall Furniture Options

When it comes to buying new dorm room furniture for student housing, there are typically several options available. Over the course of time a college or university will replace residence hall furniture in waves, which results in different types of beds, wardrobes and desks scattered throughout the entirety of student housing. This often isn’t a problem as different students may prefer different types of beds – from Captain’s beds to loft-style bunk beds to more traditional beds with a head and footboard.

From different styles of wardrobes, dressers, beds, desks and tables, there are a variety of options available to choose from when it comes to residence hall furniture. In addition to style, more options include hardware, laminate finishes, colors and specifications. If you choose to design your own residence hall furniture, each piece of your personal collection can be customized for functionality, durability and practicality.

Lifespan and return on investment are important factors to consider when furnishing new dormitories or replacing dorm furniture. Choose a student housing furniture manufacturer that places priority on durability and offers a long warranty that guarantees you won’t have to replace residence hall furniture in as long a time as it takes an average student to get a college degree.