Replace Ski Resort Furniture Before the Snow Flies

Replace Ski Resort Furniture Before the Snow Flies

While the sweltering August heat may not exactly have you thinking about snow, now’s the time to start thinking about replacing old, outdated ski resort furniture. For ski resorts throughout the country, summer welcomes time for renovation and repair without the hassle of a thick blanket of snow. While the snow is what draws guests in, it’s can be a hinderance when attempting to replace ski lodge furniture.

Ski Resort Furniture

The first step in replacing ski resort furniture is choosing the right hospitality furniture manufacturer. Hospitality furniture manufacturers with experience building high quality, durable casegoods for ski resorts and lodges offer a distinct advantage in the industry and can help you design the perfect ski resort furniture.

Ski resort furniture helps establish the look and feel for your guests mountain lodge vacation. Traditional ski resort furniture has a more rustic and country feel, opposed to a downtown loft or a hotel on the beach. While traditionally, ski resort furniture has incorporated a lot of timber and the feeling of a log cabin, it doesn’t have to. And if that’s what you’re going for, only elevated, your hospitality furniture manufacturer can help you design luxury, high-end casegoods for your ski resorts.

Whether you represent a ski-in, ski-out property, or a hotel down the road for the local mountain ski resort, the furniture inside can help you create an intimate and inviting space for guests to warm up and enjoy a frothy mug of hot chocolate. Log furniture and pieces with a rustic feel can be designed to convey this feeling. Guests will be anxious to cuddle up in bed as they watch the snow fall through the window and listen to the soothing crackle of the fireplace.

Northland Furniture Company offers American-made ski resort furniture all made in our facility just miles from Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon. Skiing and snowboarding are ingrained in the Bend culture and lifestyle, which gives us a competitive edge on ski lodge furniture. Contact Northland for more information about designing and manufacturing ski resort furniture before the snow flies this winter.