Resort Furniture That Helps Guests Relax

Resort Furniture That Helps Guests Relax

Choosing the right resort furniture can contribute to the rest your guests experience while staying at your resort. Here are a few scientifically proven ways to reduce stress for a pleasant stay:

Resort Decor That Promotes Better Sleep

The best thing a resort can do is provide a restful sleeping environment for their guests. Inadequate sleep can cause mental duress such as anxiety, depression, and chronic stress—not to mention physical malnourishment that can lead to high blood pressure, kidney disease, heart disease, and stroke. By simply promoting a good night’s sleep, resorts can provide everything guests need to wake up feeling refreshed and revived.

Perhaps the biggest contributing factor to quality sleep is well-planned lighting. According to a study in the Journal of Advanced Nursing, those who are exposed to low levels of light 24-hours a day are more likely to experience pain and fatigue. Even cracks in blackout shades or the numbers on a digital alarm clock can have an adverse effect on circadian rhythms, causing guests to lose precious hours of sleep.

To avoid disrupting circadian rhythms, resorts can emphasize natural and unnatural lighting during the day and minimize lighting during the night. Use plenty of windows to highlight the natural rhythms of the day and night. Blackout shades, analog clocks, and heavy curtains can keep rooms dark so guests can receive the the R&R they need.

Quality resort furniture can provide a level of comfort guests might not be accustomed to experiencing at home. Custom designed beds and night tables in contemporary or minimalist designs can further enhance the aesthetic appeal of resort rooms, while comfortable mattresses, featherbeds, and pillows can contribute to the comfort of your guests.

Resort Decor That Lower Levels of Stress

The aesthetic environment of your resort can also help reduce levels of stress experienced by your guests. Sheepskin rugs and textured fabrics can minimize sounds or echoes, custom scents can contribute to a sense of spa-like serenity, and soft linens and towels can encourage a level of luxury not typically found at home.

To deepen the experience, emphasize plenty of water and white space in your lobby, spa, and bedrooms to encourage calmness. According to the design principles of feng shui, proximity to water—whether a bottle of water at the front desk, a fountain in the lobby, or a waterfall in the spa—can promote a mildly meditative state that relaxes the mind, body, and spirit. Allowing for plenty of white space can have the same calming effect on your guests.   

When deciding on the resort furniture and decor for decorating your space, consider the natural movement of the eye. The gaze will naturally rest on the largest piece of furniture first before taking in its surroundings. Center an armoire or bed on a wall flanked on either side by a piece of lighting or decor. By providing a level of symmetry to space, the mind will naturally feel more balanced as a result.

Resort Furniture That Promotes Calm

Comfortable, durable, and distinctive furniture can also promote a sense of calm. According to the principles of interior design psychology, “people’s interactions with the environment are determined by the meanings they attribute to it.” The more meaningful or functional guests find objects in their rooms, the more meaningful and functional they will find their lives. A gold ball-point pen, for example, will appear to be both functional and valuable, which increases the intrinsic value of the object and makes the guest feel more connected with it.

The same holds true for furniture. A cheaply made bed that moves when a guest sits upon it may be functional. But if it doesn’t appear to be sturdy and steadfast, the guest may assume the same about their environment. By making sure furniture is stable and in good repair, resorts can provide an atmosphere of quality and comfort.

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