Senior Living Collections


Our designers and craftsmen are experts at creating accessible, safe, and robust senior living furniture for senior care facilities and other healthcare environments. Your patients and residents will find our furnishings sophisticated, comfortable and comforting, like a little piece of home.



We did not invent the concept of accessible design, but we know how to incorporate the concept into our design, function, and construction of each senior living collection.

This means each collection features:

  • Rounded corners
  • Durable, scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean finishes
  • Hygienic, melamine with high-pressure laminate
  • Furniture height built for those with limited range of motion
  • Wheelchair access
  • Deep projection handles to accommodate limited strength and arthritic hands
  • Vented case back for airflow
  • Optional electrical and data management systems to manage cords
  • Optional casters to move furniture as needed

Your guests will appreciate your care to make their living experience more accessible and safer.

Northland Quality Means ROI

Our products are not only designed for your guests; they are designed for the Senior Living Operator as well.

Because our product is designed with rounded corners, hygienic materials, and all the other features, it means you’ll reduce injuries, cleaning costs, while benefiting from furniture built to last. The less you have to spend on furniture, the lower the total cost of ownership. Extended furniture life means cost savings to you.

And, with the global economy being as vulnerable as it is, you know your Northland product does not have to travel overseas, get stuck in some port, or get delayed at the country of origin. All of Northland’s supply chain is domestic and it is all manufactured, assembled, and shipped from our facility on Bend, OR.