Senior Living Furniture Trends | What to Expect in 2017

Senior Living Furniture Trends | What to Expect in 2017

While it might seem a little early to start looking forward to 2017, it’s never too soon to start considering upcoming senior living furniture trends. With more and more baby boomers reaching retirement age, senior living trends were due to change to adapt with a new generation of residents moving into senior communities. Here’s what to expect in the coming year when it comes to senior living furniture trends.

Senior Living Furniture Trends

Less Sterile

There’s a certain element of medical that must be retained within senior living settings and furniture due to the nature of the facilities. Senior living communities are designed to care for residents as they age in place, which calls for easy access to medical facilities and supplies. Over time, senior living communities have developed a look and feel that is very sterile and can often be uninviting for residents. Senior living furniture trends going forward create a less sterile atmosphere, making residents feel more at home in inviting spaces.

More Like Hospitality

Along with becoming less sterile, senior living furniture trends see spaces becoming more like hospitality, or luxury resorts. Hospitality furniture tends to be more stylish with less muted designs. While safety is still a key factor in designing senior living furniture, that won’t be the only consideration going forward. Senior living furniture will be more transitional and appeal to residents wants to feel like they’re being taken care of in a resort-like atmosphere. With a move to hospitality furniture that feels more like home furniture, this will appeal to a broad range of senior living residents.

Custom Design

With a new generation of senior living residents moving into communities, the style and design of the furniture needs to change to accommodate their desires. From unique finishes to tailored styling, custom designed senior living furniture will be one of the growing trends in 2017. Custom design helps establish a feeling and environment for different communities that appeals to both residents and their guests.

With a move to less sterile, more comfortable custom designed pieces, senior living furniture trends will appeal to retiring baby boomers and their aging parents. At Northland, we keep up on the latest senior living furniture trends in order to create comfortable, home-like environments for your residents and staff. Contact Northland for more information about senior living furniture trends in 2017.